Raven Recording | About Us

Gabrielle (Producer & Musical Director)

We started recording percussion driven music in the early eighties to support the 5Rhythms as a dance practice. Since that time we have created twenty albums, each rooted in one or all of the 5Rhythms. We wanted to capture the spirit of the drumming that drives and inspires 5Rhythms workshops so that people could dance with us at home or tune into their dance while driving the freeways of necessity

Robert (Producer & Percussionist)

This is an excerpt from his book, Gabrielle:

Because we used her name in the title of the band (who was going to buy music from Robert Ansell & The Mirrors?), many people thought Gabrielle was a musician. She wasn’t. She was a director. Always a director. I pulled the lead oar in the making of the music, but she was the guide and catalyst.

Scott (Producer & Recording Engineer)

Over 35 years ago, Scott Ansell was learning how to be a recording engineer at the same time Gabrielle and I were learning how to make and produce music. So, we “grew up” together in the recording studio and music business. His wonderful engineering and production talents are at the core of everything that Raven Recording has ever done.

Bertha (Sioux Pony Drum)

Bertha is a Sioux pony drum that Gabrielle bought for me in 1978. She (Bertha) gave me a musical voice and the ability to translate my inner rhythms to the material plane of reality.