Gabrielle by Robert Ansell

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Here is a loving portrait of Gabrielle Roth, the person, not the icon. Written by her husband of 35 years, and filled with his dramatic photographs of her over the years, Gabrielle is an intimate tribute to the power and grace of one of the most dynamic and beloved figures in the world of feminine spirituality.

“I was so happy that Robert asked me to help him with this. This particular portrait of Gabrielle Roth's life on earth needed to be put into print. Robert saw her as no one else on this planet could possibly have seen her, and he's put it all on paper with elegance and raw honesty. Here we have a rare opportunity to step all the way inside the intimate lens of a man's unbounded love for a woman whose public life changed so many lives around the world. This is who she was at her core.” - NILAYA SABNIS