Sweat Your Prayers by Gabrielle Roth

$ 19.95 USD

Gabrielle offers the ground-breaking insights of her lifetime of teaching personal and spiritual development to guide us to our potential for ecstasy. Complete with useful, provocative and down-to-earth teachings, this book is a radical new perspective on the architecture of the soul, revealing simple yet profound methods to integrate spiritual practice into everyday life.

“This book is alive, funny, visceral, real. I couldn’t put it down. Roth tells the truth about the human body and how we move. She might dance on the path, but she rocks on the page.” - NATALIE GOLDBERG

“This is a heart book, a mystic’s book, a book that proves that art and dance deserve to be called “yoga of the West.” Got a body? Got a soul that needs awakening…? Then get this book!.” - MATTHEW FOX