Gabrielle by Robert Ansell

$ 14.99

Here is a loving portrait of Gabrielle Roth, the person, not the icon. Written by Robert Ansell, her husband of 35 years, Gabrielle is an intimate tribute to the power and grace of one of the most dynamic and beloved figures in the world of feminine spirituality. Originally published in hardcover, we are delighted to now bring it to you in digital form.

SPOILER ALERT – this is a love story.

Reactions to Robert’s book, GABRIELLE, are pouring in:

What a stunningly beautiful book! I was touched immediately, just seeing the cover, and was more and more touched, to the point of tears, with the words and testimony. I will continue to savor this for the rest of my life. 

The gift of true love manifested in a book. Thank you. Tears rolled. 

This has to be one of the coolest books, I have seen. Omg!! The design, the love, everything that went into it. Fabulous!! 

You have honored her as only a soul mate can. I can feel her smiling. 

I was totally blown away. The book is so beautiful -- a testament to an extraordinary love affair of two extraordinary people. I feel it in my bones. 

What a stunningly beautiful tribute to her and tremendous gift to all of us. Thanks for creating it. Your transparent, unassuming love, realness, honesty, heart and humor shines through every word (and photo.) 

That is one extraordinary, beautiful touching book. 

This book is so right. So pure. So precise. So full of love. So sweet. So sharp. Thank you for creating it. The book is a treasure. 

I just received the book this morning and I'm still recovering. It is the most beautiful, sensitive, artistic vision. The photographs are so vibrant and lively, they took my breath away and when I read her sayings I had to stop. I have to let them absorb one by one. They are brilliant. 

Amazingly beautiful! 

My beloved husband bought me the book for my birthday. "Thank you" is insignificant words for my feelings of gratitude for the beauty in the book. My dancing heart is stirring. 

I made it all the way to page 82 before beginning to cry. Big warm crocodile cleansing tears! It was the best 4 hours I have spent in a long time. 

The fotos were exquisite and so rare and the writing is so incredibly poignant, incisive, efficient...and still, I had some big belly laughs.