Sally Block - Halfway to Midnight

$ 9.99 USD

This journey begins on a Banyan tree lined road in India. The last streaks of color from sunset are disappearing and evening is turning to night. Cool air brushes your face as you hear crickets begin the beat. It’s halfway to midnight.

Silver and bamboo flutes, Indian slide guitar and violin, and the one hundred stringed Kashmiri santoor improvise on seductive evening raga melodies with muted reed cornet and harmonica punctuating the Eastern beats.

This music is appropriate for calming your hyper-active dog, soothing your aching mind and heart, yoga, intimacy, dancing through bustling city streets and ambling down a lonely road.

“I have deep respect for Sally as a musician. She is one of the rare Westerners with a true 'feel' for Indian music." Chinmaya Dunster, music producer and composer on New Earth Records About the artist

Sally Block created this album after decades of playing live music for dancers across the US and in India. While studying with G.S. Sachdev in the Bay Area in the mid 70s, she met 5Rhythms® founder Gabrielle Roth who invited her to play for workshops at Esalen. Sally is one of the founding members of Gabrielle Roth’s original Theater Company, The Mirrors.