Ecstatic Dance Trilogy

$ 24.95 USD

The Ecstatic Dance Trilogy is a boxed set of Gabrielle Roth's groundbreaking 5Rhythms videos all bundled together at a substantially reduced price.

The Wave is a revolutionary moving meditation through the 5Rhythms®. This flexible dance workout adapts to your energy and your schedule, while you explore these core rhythms and their capacity to teach, catalyze and heal.

The Power Wave is a high-velocity trance/dance workout set to the music from the album, Tribe. Pumping up the beat, Gabrielle guides you through the 5Rhythms as you join dancers of all ages, sizes and shapes for a non-stop celebration of the human body in motion that you can practice alone or with friends, at home or in a dance space.

Finally, The Inner Wave is an exploration of stillness, the mother of all rhythms. It is a deep, moving meditation that will clear your mind and open your heart as you move to the stillpoint within.

Available individually or as a boxed set in both DVD and downloadable MP4 digital formats.