Haj i Ji - Reports Of My Demise... EP

$ 9.99 USD

Reports Of My Demise… encompasses 5 songs about ghosts, love and the ocean, set against an ellipse of changing musical texture. Haj i Ji (formerly Sub Swara, Freek Factory, Nyxyss) and a troika of naiads tell tales of the depths. Each song features lead vocals by either Kai Altair, Sariyah Idan, or Meaghan Williams. From late night Acid-House to soul stirring Torch-Song, Reports Of My Demise... EP is an elemental sonic journey for the savoring.

Spanning a range of musical genres, Reports Of My Demise... reaches the listener intact as a successful sonic investigation of loss, hope, soulful longing, and the quest for meaning. While the beautiful and nuanced vocals often arise as from fathoms beneath, the instrumentation and electronic production create a momentous and well-paced ride through some new and fascinating musical terrain. 

Haj i Ji is an artist whose style can be best defined by a willingness to travel across existing borders. His music, like his life, is a grand adventure, honoring and reverent of the essential truths found in all traditions, as it is resounding of a refreshing originality. Ever elusive, he defies all attempts to be confined to a specific genre, time or place.

“This crew [On The Perch] is producing art...conceptual and talented.” (The Untz)