Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors - Pray Body

$ 9.99 USD

As you probably know, the music we make is basically loosely-structured rhythm rides, deeply centered around percussion in all its forms. We don’t use percussion to drive music; we use music to dress up the percussion.

Back in the day (late ‘70’s – early ‘80’s), before we became a seminal influence in the creation of the ambient music genre, we were making “regular” music, a blend of early ‘80s rock and tribal chanting -- songs with lyrics, verses, choruses.

We thought it would be fun to re-release some of these early songs, which were part of a cassette called PRAY BODY. Like messengers from a bygone era, the energy in these songs rings as clearly as ever, and Gabrielle’s lyrics are as relevant today as they were in those days of yore.

And, AT NO EXTRA CHARGE, you get to hear Gabrielle actually sing or speak on 5 of the 6 tracks.