New Music Video: American Dream

Gabrielle and I raised four sons. As a result, I became the delighted (and blessed) father-in-law of four amazing women. The latest addition to my family is Jennifer Destiny Ansell, an award-winning (CMA Videos of the Year, etc.) videographer and producer. In an act of extreme generosity, she has contributed the assets and talents (esp. Gavin Fisher) of her company, Tiny Terror Productions (she is diminutive), to make our very first music video. The song is American Dream, from the album PRAY BODY, by Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors. It is Gabrielle’s first and only recording as a lead vocalist.

It is bad-ass.

Check it out!

Pass it on (please).

To purchase this song or album, click here.

Peace and love,

Here is a recent review of the song:

“{This album} is something special I tell you… The band description goes like this:

'Back in the day (late ‘70’s – early ‘80’s), before it became a seminal influence in the creation of the ambient music genre, Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors was making “regular” music, a blend of early ‘80s rock and tribal chanting.'

So… if you want to dive with your ears and educate yourself in a genre named ‘regular’ then this is your chance! The music is sounding as if it hasn’t been subjected to time and age; still rocking out as if it is still early eighties & indeed late seventies. The rocky vibe with a back drop choir and a rough voice of a passionate Gabrielle is as if we had jumped into the time machine right in the middle of all the action of big hair, mullets, spandex, excessive jewelry and sweaty concert-goers.”

-- YIKIS Review Site