Sara Carlson (Vocals)

From The Eurovision Song Contest to "Heartdance", Sara Carlson is a pioneer in transcending and melding music and dance into her own inimitable art. She is an internationally accomplished singer/songwriter and composer, recording artist and dancer, who has released several solo albums including "Doorways" and her latest "Heartdance". She co/wrote and performed the theme song “Celebration” for the Eurovision Song Contest, had several chart topping singles in Europe and has had songs placed on American television.  

While starring on the #1 TV show "Al Paradise” for Rai Uno (Italy) and several other prime-time shows, Sara performed some of the most memorable dances of the era. She has appeared in over 25 U.S. and international commercials ranging from Dr. Pepper to Bacardi, 3 feature films, the iconic rock videos The Power Station’s “Get It On (Bang a Gong)” and Pat Benatar’s “Love is a Battlefield” and even had a recurring role as TJ on "Guiding Light" for CBS TV (USA).

She has contributed to the following Raven albums:

Still Chillin'