Laur Fugere (Vocals)

Laur has been singing professionally for over 30 years and has held leading roles in such major productions as Les Misérables, Cats and Jesus Christ Superstar. A Cirque du Soleil partner since 1993, she was musical director of the Cirque du Soleil project, which premiered in Quebec City in summer 2009.

“What fascinates me the most in the vast spectrum of music is the energy, its force of attraction and its power of entrainment. This has made my forays into the world of sound nomadic, and in turn, brought me to versatility in the use of my voice and mastery of far-ranging styles. Exploring improvisation lets virgin lands and hidden continents reveal themselves.

I see sound’s vibratory nature as a physical strength, a power for incarnation and transformation. The song becomes a phenomenon that transcends a communication of the invisible, sometimes giving way to unheard notes of amazing grace.

I aspire to inspire. Singing opens my senses to interior spaces that occasionally sweep me to the verge of vertigo. Paradoxically, this feeling frees me by offering a fresh take on all that is beautiful and vibrant. My wish is for my singing to be conducive to such a sense of vulnerability and liberation.”

She has contributed to the following Raven albums:

Still Chillin'