3 Beat Drum

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Here is a little gift to celebrate our 5Rhythms Teachers Association.

Some years ago, Gabrielle created a meditation she called “3-beat drum”, which, not so oddly, revolved around a drum playing 3 beats, then a pause, then 3 beats, then a pause, etc. She used it in a lot of ways – moving on the 3 beats, stillness on the pause; moving through the rhythms on the 3 beats; moving on the pause, stillness on the 3 beats.

Quite a while ago (somewhere around 1912), I recorded a passage of the 3-beat rhythm for Gabrielle to use when drummers were unavailable. Over time, several teachers have asked me for a copy of this teaching tool, most recently Mati Vargas-Gibson. Gabrielle thinks this is a great idea and has asked me to make it available to all members of the 5RTA.

So, this is your notice that this is available. We hope you find this helpful, creative and fun.