Avital Califa - To Stay Upbeat

$ 1.50

Yay! Another groovy single from Avital Califa for her album, Let It Beat. Even when the world seems to stop, there is a never-ending beat. A heartbeat. 

This single is a 10-minute journey of uncertainty, and what holds is the beat. Trust the beat, because it is the ground that helps to release our spirit without losing ourselves.  

"Music that is fun to dance to. It has a special rhythm that connected me to my root and Mother Earth and at the same time allowed me to let go and fly to the sky. The Music took me to  early and primitive times and also to contemporary, modern and electric vibes. This combination makes for a fascinating dance experience, one that allowed me to embark on an interesting and varied journey in my body and mind." - (Efrat Banaו - A dance teacher)

Recorded at Feedback Studios
Sound engineer: Itamar Abuhatsira
Sound editing, Mix and Mastering: Itamar Abuhatsira
Bass & electric guitar: Yossi Shitrit
Drums & percussion: Avital Califa